Martinez imagination pushes the envelope of Art & Design, activating the neurons within his brain, thinking outside the box, consistently having a determined passion with a reversed engineered mind is how Martinez thinks. Unique designs, custom fabrication, envisioning what could be vs what is, most of the time he looks at steel like it’s clay. A mentality of true solid commitment in creating one-of-a-kind pieces, this has led Rustic Steel in over 21 years of stories and history to share. As Rustic Steel does have a story to tell. We do not do things to get attention, We do things that get attention!!!

Having the privilege of adorning the City streets of Tampa for Private, Corporate or Public has been Rustic’s goal all along, as he saw a blank canvas that needed paint, and lots of it. Martinez along with TEAM RUSTIC have had the honor and pleasure of installing well over 200 pieces of Art, all with Public access throughout Tampa and beyond.

Seeing Art through his eyes there are no boundaries only challenging and unlimited possibilities to pursue. Realizing that Earth without Art is eh.

Rustic Steel capability journeys far beyond the imagination, on the road less traveled vs the beaten path with endless opportunities. Specializing in fabrication of all metals along with found objects, from forging with custom fabrication and design, this is where Rustic Steel shines. Oversized Creatures and Sculptures for theme parks that leave a lasting and impressionable statement. Plethora of Memorials, Architectural designs, custom Decorative Accents for Hotels, restaurants not to mention private estates and residences. Martinez studying the vast periods of History while working in auction houses in NY, is where he obtained his knowledge of Art Deco, Art Nouveau, the Renaissance, Contemporary Design, Minimalist, Abstract , Industrial even Traditional. The diversity and style of designs emerging from Rustic Steel studio is truly something to behold, as most witness of disbelief of where his unconquerable imagination wanders, but mostly where it stops. When meeting with Martinez for a project, his goal is to enhance, compliment, what you have existing, vs not to build something for the sake of filling a void. Designing and composing a piece by Rustic Steel needs to have purpose, a justifiable and deserving reason to occupy the real estate where it rests as the piece tells a story.